Pretty groomed fingernails and toenails are an ultimate accessory. Manicures and pedicures are the secret to sophisticated looking nails! But many don’t go for it as they surely put a hole in their pockets. You may get manicure and pedicure kits with simple tools, but I am sure not many know the individual uses of all the tools provided in it! Here is a complete guide to understand the simple manicure/pedicure tools.


NAIL FILER: Nail filer is used for giving your nails a definite shape without making the ends rough. The smoother the file, better the nails. It also comes handy in removing rough spots.

NAIL CLIPPERS: Nail clippers are very commonly and frequently used. They are useful in maintaining the length of your nails or to cut them off entirely till the limited length.

CUTICLE TRIMMER: This tool is used for effectively removing the cuticles. All you need to do is soak your nails in warm water with a cuticle cream applied and gently trim away the cuticles with a cuticle trimmer. There are a lot of different types of cuticle trimmers but all work in similar ways.

CUTICLE PUSHER STICK AND NAIL CLEANER 2-IN-1: This tool can be a plastic one or wooden. The cuticle pusher side is slight curved and blunt used to gently push back the cuticles after applying a cuticle cream/softener. The nail cleaner is slightly pointed to clean nails to a limited depth.

PTERGRYUM REMOVER: This tool is also used to remove cuticles. The soft blunt edges can be used to painlessly push back cuticles giving a clean look! This tool can be used when in hurry as it will not cause any injuries due to its super blunt ends.

NAIL BUFFER: This is one of my favourite tools! It scrubs away all the uneven nail surfaces and polishes them giving a finished shiny look. This tool makes your nail look extremely healthy. Buffer usually comes with 4 sides, 2 sides to scrubbing and 2 sides for polishing after the scrubbing is done.

NAIL BRUSH: Nail brush effectively removes all the dirt from between the nails. just soak your fingers in diluted warm shampoo solution and scrub the inside of nails with a nail brush. Clean whiter nails instantly!

Now that you know the individual uses of simple manicure tools, try doing a manicure/pedicure on your own.