We all know how beneficial scalp-massaging is because it’s being used since ages by our mothers. Scalp massaging is done by using finger-tips but if you use a brush instead of fingers, you can simply increase the effectiveness. Scalp-brushing is same as scalp-massaging but it has few additional benefits because in this technique we use a good-quality brush which is specifically designed for scalp.

ALL ABOUT SCALP BRUSHING - BENEFITS AND HOW TORight way to do Scalp-Brushing Technique:

Scalp-brushing is very easy, you simply first bend over keep brushing the back scalp for few minutes then you stand up and brush the front scalp for another few minutes.

  1. Stand straight and bend over.
  2. Firmly grasp the brush and start brushing from the very back. Start brushing from the skin line and move around the nape area.
  3. Keep brushing by moving your head in slight right and left direction.
  4. Slowly come up and stand straight.
  5. Now start brushing your scalp starting from the hairline to the back of your neck. Brush more by moving your head in left and right direction.

Repeat the steps three times for proper Scalp-brushing technique.

Brushes to be used for”Scalp Brushing Technique”:

  • A paddle brush with extremely soft bristles
  • Brushes with boar bristles are considered to be the best
  • Tangle teezer because it has small teeth which help in better circulation
  • Scalp massager which is easily available online and even in local markets

Washing Hair with a Scalp Brush: 

There are scalp massage shampoo brushes available on the market. The brush is used to distribute shampoo and conditioner through your hair. It also stimulates the scalp and hair shaft, making hair feel fuller.

Benefits of Scalp-Brushing:

It Deep Cleanses scalp: Scalp-brushing is often referred as dry shampoo technique using a brush because it deep cleanses the scalp way better than expensive shampoos. When you’re brushing your scalp you are basically eliminating or exfoliating all the waste materials from your hair like uric acid crystals, dandruff and other impurities which stick to the scalp overtime.

It Strengthens Hair: Brushing your scalp basically helps in distributing and stimulating the natural sebum flow evenly through the hair. The sebum will restore the lost moisture, sheen and smoothness from your hair which will eventually improve the overall health of your hair. With regular practice of this technique your hair will be smooth and soft.

It Prevents hair loss: When you brush your scalp, you are basically stimulating the capillaries and increasing the blood circulation of your scalp. Moreover, it also helps in moving the natural oil and nutrients all around the scalp evenly which is the main cause behind hair-fall. By doing this technique for 2-3 week regularly you’ll notice that your hair shed lesser as compared to now.

More tips:

  • Don’t brush-scalp if your hairs are wet.
  • Detangle your hair before you start this technique
  • If you see breakage of more than 100 strands daily then stop doing the technique.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure while brushing your scalp because it will cause hair-breakage.
  • Do this treatment twice a week
  • Always wash your hairs after brushing your scalp with this technique.
  • It’s very important to clean brush after every use so that all the dirt, oil and grime is washed away easily. You can use any anti-bacterial soap and shampoo for cleaning the brush.

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