Fighting Out Adult Acne – causes and remedies

Getting flawless face is every girl’s pet dream. However, seven out of ten women in their twenties face skin ailments in the form of pimples, blemishes, wrinkles and oh my god, ‘acne’. Acne is blocked pores that get infected. They then turn black when exposed to air. Battle out this problem with a few precautionary methods and remedies and see your face saying goodbye to troubling adult acne.

What is Adult Acne?
Adult Acne is different from Teen Acne. Unlike in the case of teenagers, women above 20s face breakouts caused by monthly surges in hormones such as Estrogen and Progesterone. This leads to appearance of pink pimples on the lower part of face. Stress, menopause or for that matter switching onto or stopping birth control pills are possibilities that lead to adult acne.

Fighting Out Adult Acne - causes and remediesMedicated Treatment
Doctors advise washing acne-affected face with a Salicylic Acid Cleanser (Olay Acne Control Face Wash proves to be effective) followed by Salicylic Acid Toner in oily areas. As a finale, treat the affected areas with a gel that has Benzoyl Peroxide, like DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5% with Tea Tree Oil. Needless to say, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oils are your biggest advocates in fighting acne.

Some Home Remedies in Treating Adult Acne

1/ Avoid Dirty Hands: Keep dirty hands away from the affected area on your face as this activates acne through additional dirt, bacteria and filth. Abstain from crushing, tweaking or piercing the pimples as this is the first and basic precaution in treating acne naturally.

2/ Cleansers: Use good cleansers that wash away dirt, grime, makeup, and pollution without stripping of your skin.

3/ Acute Constipation: Inadequate defecation builds up toxins in your blood and can worsen acne. Adopt prescribed medication to curb the growth of acne.

4/ Stay away from excess of Caffeine: Excess of tea, coffee and beverages add up to the acne. Have minimal amounts if you want to stay active.

5/ Use Zinc: The chemical element Zinc plays its part when taken in curative form while treating acne. But do consult your doctor before taking Zinc in the form of medicines.

6/ Fenugreek: Mix few drops of water with shrubberies of Fenugreek and make an adhesive out of it. Smear this paste on your face before going to bed. This is a valuable home remedy for treating acne, pimples and blackheads.

7/ Orange Peel: Put few drops of water to orange peels and smear this on the face till night. Wash it off next morning to see the change.

8/ Egg Yolk: Crack and egg and smear egg yolk using cotton on the troubled areas on face. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. This helps remove extra oils and calms acne.

9/ Creams and Lotions: Retinoid creams and lotions can help clear your skin and also lessen wrinkles. In fact, products made with sulfur can be good for occasional spot treatment.

Happy removing Acne from your life!

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