A GUIDE TO GLUTEN FREE BAKING So, are you a person who wants to be on gluten free diet? It is really very difficult to stay gluten free as most of the white breads, cakes, pastries, and cookies are ultimate things cooked and baked with gluten. Gluten is most regarded as one of the evil thing, which may lead to various body problem but still it is used in more and more products due to its taste addiction. However, there are many bakeries and breads which are guided to gluten free baking. If this is want you wanted, we have brought you a guide to gluten free baking.

If you are stepping forward for gluten free baking, you must be very much familiar with the fact that the binding which we get from gluten in the dough, you may not get with any other products. However, you will be amazed to know, there are few alternatives who does not work well as gluten, but acts like gluten and results in successful baking.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in various wheat, rye and triticale which adds the natural crunch to the baked food.  Gluten makes the cake feel so airy and light which also adds a taste to it. Gluten is activated when you stir the flour or add any liquid to it. The problem with gluten is it leads to various body problems as they are not easy to digest. They lead to various problem in small intestine and avoids the body from getting vital nutrients.

  1. Egg

Egg is the most popular ingredient used while baking and especially in case of cake, they make the recipe taste more delicious and tasty. They are gluten free and aid in rising baked goods as well as result in good binding, which mostly is done by gluten.  This is due to egg whites which are sticky and binds the flour together while baking and also makes it fluffy. Egg is an excellent binding agent, provided you mix and blend them well with the flour.

  1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are gaining popularity these days due to its increasing health benefits. Chia seeds are mostly obtained from family of a mint which contains omega 3 fatty acids and also enriched with proteins. Mucilaginous properties present in the Chia seeds; they prove to be a good binding agent, which can lead you to a healthy gluten free baking.  Various companies have started using Chia seeds in baking products instead of gluten.

  1. Flax seeds

Flax seeds have a significant culinary history due to it been enriched in fiber as well as proteins.  Flax seeds contain the same property like Chia seeds which makes it an excellent binding agent. Due to Mucilaginous produced when mixed with water, flax seeds can work better than gluten. Flax seeds are easy addition in many baked foods due to its binding properties along being rich in fibers and fats.

  1. Using Butter milk

Yes, this is one of the master tricks to gluten free cooking. Using buttermilk instead of milk can help to combine the flour better and the flour results to be airy and soft just like you can after gluten free cooking. Butter milk also adds taste and flavor to the recipe, and also beneficial to health. You can add some lemon (citric acid) or baking soda to the batter.


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