7 Detoxifying Spices to Help Cleanse the Body

7 DETOXIFYING SPICESThere are a lot of ways to detox your body, one of which includes using spices! Spices are not only known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but also are a great way to detox your body! Here are the top 7 detoxifying spices that you certainly need to incorporate in your diet!

SAFFRON: Saffron should be included in any quest to get the toxins out, and as part of your maintenance to keep your body free from them. Saffron will help your bladder and your kidneys, which is great because this will help you pass toxins through your urine. It also is beneficial to your liver, which is the most important organ you have for toxin defence. If you focus on nothing else, make sure that you’re taking in spices that will help with your liver, as it’s the motherboard for all of your other organs and systems.

GARLIC: This spice is a great source of sulphur, which is crucial for what’s called “phase two” detoxification, in which toxic substances are excreted from your body.

CARDAMON: Cardamom goes to work on harmful bacteria in the body, without destroying the beneficial bacteria that you want in there. When used in conjunction with other spices that help the digestion you’ve got a powerful one-two punch that can kill off these bacteria, and then whisk them out of the body. One side benefit of using more cardamom is that it acts as a natural antidepressant.

CUMIN: This powerful antioxidant and detoxifier can also reduce mercury damage. Cumin helps the digestion, which is the cornerstone to any detox strategy. If you are releasing toxins, but your sluggish digestion is keeping them stuck inside you, it’s not going to be a productive cleanse, and you may end up reabsorbing them. That’s why it’s good to use spices like cumin so that you digest everything!

TURMERIC: In addition to helping the liver function properly, which will help your body filter and expel toxins, turmeric has strong anti-cancer properties that make it an absolute must for anyone looking to live a long and healthy life. You can use the spice in your cooking, or take turmeric supplements with the active ingredient curcumin for similar benefits.

GINGER: It helps the body absorb the nutrients and minerals taken in by eating. One thing that is often overlooked by those trying to detox the body is that it’s not just about getting rid of the toxins, but replacing them with the things your body does need. Using a spice like ginger can go a long way in assisting your body in absorbing the things it needs most. When combined with thyme, ginger provides detoxifying effects and can lower alcohol toxicity.

PEPPER: Pepper is used to heat up a dish, but it’s also good at helping the body cleanse itself. It’s said to speed up the metabolism, making it easier to lose weight without really trying. As far as detoxification goes, it’s going to help your digestion, which has a trickle-down effect on the rest of your body and especially in how you feel. A backed up digestion will trap toxins in a sort of holding pattern in your body, and can lead to feelings of malaise and lethargy. Taking herbs and spices like pepper helps to get things moving again and helps the body properly eliminate these toxic substances.

Just be sure to check the side effects of each spice, because some of them can be quite potent and you don’t want the side effects to outweigh the benefits they have. Some people will be more likely to be affected by these spices than others, depending on several factors, so try them in small amounts before using more.

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