7 Best low-maintenance plants for the office

7 Best low-maintenance plants for the office

Plants do add a lot of organic character to an otherwise drab office environment. My office has plants everywhere and it does create a peaceful environment! Adding a touch of greenery to your office place can certainly boost productivity and purify air. Office plants are necessary for the flow of good energy according to fen sui, and here is a list of the best office plants:

7 Best low-maintenance plants for the officeSPIDER PLANT

Spider plant is a common office plant and you may also have seen it in the malls. Spider plants carry loads of benefits for improving indoor air quality and reducing stress at work. Spider plant thrives in partial sun or shade making it ideal for your cubicle or windowless office. Indoor air quality can be purified by this plant hence it makes an ideal indoor office plant.


Snake plant it a kind of plant that can survive in almost any environment. It won’t dry off even if you forget to water them. Snake plant is excellent in absorbing toxins from the air, making it ideal for manufacturing industries and companies running labs.


Lucky bamboo is a very common office desk plant, also popular in homes. It is said to bring some good fortune, I really cannot comment on this belief; but they do add a nice look to your desk. These plants can grow in soil or water, though I feel grown I water is watery soil is the best since you can almost forget it and you need not keep watering (they don’t need much watering as it is). You may change its water once a week of growing in water.


Peace lily not only removes pollutants from the air, they also look beautiful and can make your office look attractive. Peace lilies can be placed in many locations within an office including windowsills, on tables or desks, depending on the size. Just provide these with bright light then they will flourish readily.


Having a lemon balm plant around may also improve your mood and boost workplace wellness. The only thing you need to remember is watering it! Plant your lemon balm in a size-appropriate pot with a well drainage system and rich potting soil. Your plant will thrive in almost any light conditions but it should be kept moist, so watering in time intervals is essential!


Money plant is said to be the one of the top air-cleaning plant. It is also believed as a lucky plant that can encourage financial gains. Its lovely heart-shaped leaves removed up to 73 percent of VOCs and other pollutants from sealed chambers and it one of the best indoor plants for low-light situations.


Jade is a gorgeous and popular succulent! This gorgeous green plant survives in most environments and requires less light. It also does not require frequent watering since the fleshy leaves stores water in it.