6 Effective UV Protection Tips For Your Hair

6 Effective UV Protection Tips For Your HairYour hair is also susceptible to the hazards of harmful UV rays. So, what are the visible signs of these damages? Faded hair tone, dry hair, brittle hair, intense split ends, uncontrollable frizzy hair, and increase hair thinning and loss are some of the most commonly reported signs of damaged hair. However, there are simple and effective tips that you could try to avert these damages! Read on to know more about those UV protection tips for your hair!

Got the hats way!

Hats, typically the broad ones, can shield your hair from the sun-induced damages by blocking out the exposure. You can also choose to wear a cotton scarf instead of a cap to ensure 100% UV protection. If you have long hair, then ensure that you cover the long portion in a scarf and don a hat on your scalp region to offer guaranteed protection.

Never leave your hair open!

While it is definitely fashionable to have an open hair, your might unintentionally be putting your hair at an increased risk of sun damages. Keep it braided or tie into a pony and tie using a nice scarf. This will ensure that damages are lessened.

Use UV protection shampoos!

While SPF-incorporated shampoos are good ideas, these, ideally may not be best choices. Once you rinse off thoroughly, you might not actually be enjoying the benefits of the SPF ingredient.

Use an SPF-based hair styling formula!

Use leave-in conditioners, styling gels, or hair sprays that are enriched with an effective SPF. Choose for a styling ingredient that has a minimum of SPF 12 in it to block out the rays of the sun from damaging your hair. If you are crafty enough, then prepare your own anti-sun hair spray at home. Choose a sun block that has an SPF of 25. Add 2 tsp of this formula to 250 ml water and dilute thoroughly. Transfer to a spraying bottle and use it as required.

Keep your hair hydrated!

Regular massaging of your scalp with a good essential fatty acid rich oil is essential to thwart of sun damages. You can choose coconut oil or olive oil to lock in the moisture and enjoy a good dose of vitamin E that ensures that your hair is safe. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Include loads of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies in your diet to eliminate the free radicals, which otherwise can set the stage for an active damage.

Say no to chemicals!

Refrain from coloring your hair and opting for products that contain peroxide and alcohol. You should also stay away from applying lemon juice to your hair to lighten the hair tone as it would only worsen the damages. The use of these chemicals and lemon juice deplete the moisture levels, hastening the pace of sun damages.

How do you take care of your hair from being affected by the harsh rays of the sun? Share your views and tips with us!

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