6 BEST HOMEMADE AYURVEDIC MEDICINESBe it an upset tummy, tooth ache, sprain, or fever, all of us have the tendency to rush and pick an over the counter drug from the nearest medical stores. While many of us are aware of the fact that there do exist a wide range of solutions from Mother Nature that do work, we still are reluctant to try them. The reason – we doubt the efficacy and efficiency. That is why we have come with this article.
It sheds light into some of the really powerful solutions from Ayurveda that does wonders on some of the most often visited health conditions. You ought to keep them handy at home…

The 6 Ayurvedic Herbs You Should Have In Your Home

That hurting tooth of mine!

Grab a couple of cloves and start chewing them. It has been the most advised Ayurvedic cure for any oral issue, including the inflamed canker sores. Eugenol, present in these dark brown hued spices, possess anti-inflammatory properties that eases the inflamed nerves and swishes off the pain.

I am constipated!

While many of us are blessed to have clean bowels, there are many who experience this. Two teaspoons triphala churna along with a glass of warm water before you hit the bed can help you. Plus, triphala is good for the eyes and even helps in cleansing your bowel, bestowing with a decent weight loss.


I can’t sleep!

Insomnia is very popular these. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle coupled with late night dinners and less or zero exercise, this sleeping disorder is on a panicking high growth. A cup of warm milk infused with 1 tbsp honey can give you the sleep. Alternatively, a subtle massage of your soles and palms with camphor infused sesame seed oil eases the nerves, allowing you to wade off into sleep. GET THE RECIPE >> 

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Oops, my cold and cough is back!

Stock up fresh or dried ginger at home always along with honey. If you are using fresh ginger, then grate in 1 peeled ginger and mix it with 1 tbsp honey. Keep sipping every now and then for relief from mucus. Trikatu powder is a great solution too. Just 1 tsp mixed with 2 tsp honey twice a day is sure to ward off cold.

My muscles are sore and aching!

Sesame seed oil infused with camphor makes an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic topical application. You can also make a poultice with crushed garlic, turmeric, salt, and sesame seed oil and apply it on the aching muscles. The circulation is improved; inflammation is eased; fluid retention vanishes; and you are at peace.


Oh God! I am overweight!

There are numerous simple solutions from Ayurveda that you can try. 1 tsp of Trikatu churna with 1 tbsp honey when consumed with warm water on empty stomach for 15 days helps in weight loss. Your metabolism gets a boost, thereby offering better fat burning potential. READ MORE >>

These are my picks for the best Ayurvedic home medicines. What are your choices?

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