5 TESTED PINTEREST BEAUTY HACKSPinterest is filled with various makeup and beauty hacks and that’s why I’m obsessed with it lately.  I keep checking various beauty and makeup hacks from Pinterest but this time i8 thought I’d try them just to check if they actually work or not. While some failed miserably, some of the hacks were truly useful so I thought I’d share it with you all. Here are the top-5 Tested pinterest hacks you should try:

Fuller Lips without Needles:

Start by exfoliating your lips and moisturize your lips using lip balm.  Take a nude lip liner and start lining your lips slightly outside the natural lip-line to get a fuller look but don’t overdo otherwise it’ll look unnatural. Fill the upper lip with liner but on the lower lip just add three dark straight lines. Take a shiny gloss and apply it all over your lips above your lippie. Blend the harsh lines using a lip-brush.

Beautiful Waves:

To get beautiful soft beachy wave all you need is a straightener and hair ties, oh no I’m not kidding. Section your hair and braid each section, if you have thick hair section them in 6 parts but if your hair is thin section them in 4 parts and secure with hair-ties. If you want loose curls then loosen your braids but if you want tight curls then don’t. Now using a straightening iron, straighten each braid from up to down 2-3 times. Repeat the steps for all braids and when you’re done Spray some hair-spray. Open the braids and wohoo you’ve created sift waves instantly.

Mascara as Liner:

The other my eyeliner was finished and then I tried this trick via Pinterest and guys it truly works. Take your eyeliner brush, sweep it against the mascara wand and line your upper lash line. Super simple, right? I was scared in lining my lower lash line but if you are comfortable then go ahead.

Lip Stain:

Lip stains are super expensive for obvious reasons but I really love applying lip stains. First I’m a matte lover, second they are longgg-lasting and third you don’t need to reapply them often. so, when I saw this lip stain DOIY on Pinterest I had to try this. What you need to do is take your blush (the color you prefer using as lipstick), scrape it off a little and apply it on your lips using lip-brush. Now take lip balm and apply it over the blush and blend both to get the desired effect.

Sticky Bobby pins:

How’d you feel when you’re finally done with your hairstyle after 15 minutes of struggle and then one bobby-pin falls down your hair? I know that feeling and that’s why I trust this easy breezy Pinterest beauty hack which actually works. Take few bobby pins and place it over a paper towel. Now spray a generous amount of hair-spray on the pins so that they are coated well. Fold the paper towel and shake the pins so that the hair-spray is spread evenly on all pins. Style your hair quickly before the hair spray dries and apply the pins on your hair. The hair-spray basically works as a glue for your hair.