5 Simple and Easy Hairstyles – No heat

Perfect and easy hairstyles when you’re running late in the morning. All you need is some bobby pins and brush.

5 simple and easy hairstyles

 Kim Kardashian  – High Ponytail –

 Kim Kardashian  - High Ponytail -1. Pull the hair up towards the crown of your head.
2. Make sure you’re pulling all the hair up and don’t be afraid to go higher.
3. Take your hair elastic and secure the pony into place.
For some added volume and texture, tease the ponytail with a fine-tooth comb.

Selena Gomez – Basic Messy braid

Selena Gomez - Basic Messy braid

1. Separate the hair into 3 equal strands. Hold 2 strands in your right hand with your palm facing up.
2. Hold the third strand in your left hand. Turn the right strand to the middle and the middle strand on the right.
3. Now turn your left hand until your palm is facing down.
4. Repeat steps 1 thru 3 until there is no hair available to braid. Fasten with an elastic.

Jennifer Lopez – Top knot

Jennifer Lopez - Top knot

1. Make a High  pony tail at the top of your head.
2. Take a brush and comb your hair all the way through and tease it  to add volume.
3. Once you’re done, twist the hair into a circular shape around the elastic. Secure the bun with hairpins

Angelina Jolie – Half updo

Angelina Jolie - Half updo

1. Style by brushing hair strands from your front and sides towards the back and then pin it using bobby pins, leaving the rest loosely curled.

Miley Cyrus – messy-bun

Miley Cyrus - messy-bun

1. The messy bun is chic and stylist. Finger comb your hair pulling it back into a loose ponytail, as high or as low as you’d like it.
2. Separate the hair in your ponytail into sections and tease to create volume.
3. Twist and wrap your hair into a messy bun, then loop the ends through the elastic.

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