Interior painting is a great DIY project and if you love painting this would be fun for you. Purchasing and preparing paint, collecting instruments and primer can be the important points to be considered if you want to make your painting job more grand and successful. However, painting may not be simple and clean if you are doing it for first time, but it would surely get better once you start doing it. If you need you may consult someone elder to you for your guidance towards Do’s and don’ts while painting. Let’s check the simplest of 5 tips for quick painting


About the paint: There are 2 types of paint available in the market – one is oil based paint and the other one is water based paint. Now you don’t need to use oil paints, water based paints are advanced these days and come with an option which gets dry faster and quicker. The coverage which water based paint provides is better and good than the oil based paints. Along with good coverage, it also provides good base and layers too. While purchasing paint make sure about the brand which you would prefer to buy and do not bargain they do not offer you paint less than the MRP rates. You can find out better and variety of paints while surfing on internet.

How much paint to buy: You need one gallon for 350 square feet of surface areas. You need to measure your walls exactly or at least take a rough measurement which would help you to buy the paint. You should always buy some extra boxes of paint for touch-ups and emergency cases. In case of windows and door it depends on you to paint it or not, if you have decided to colour the windows and doors too, consider them with accurate measurement.

Should I use primer?: Primer is only required only when you have a darker shade as the base or sometimes when your walls have bad stains or patches on them. In such situations, primer helps to even the base and provides good base to the new paint. If you already have a light shade colour on your wall and they are clean enough for a new coating to be done, there is no need to buy primer.

How to paint: If you are worried about what to do the next and what to do before, we have got the orders of operation for you-

Clean the base and the dusty corners so that it would be easy for the paint to get started. Remove all the things hanging on your walls and take care everything is dusted clean. Apply painters tape (which is easily available in the market) put down drop cloths and cut the corners. Now paint the wall from top to bottom

What to do next? Let your first paint dry completely and then proceed with the second one. You may observe the uneven coating after the first paint but don’t get grumpy over it, the paint will gradually settle after third proper coat. Do not paint further before the first paint dries completely. After all the coats have been completed, check the wall thoroughly if you have left any side or part.

And your new classic painted walls are ready.

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