5 Natural Remedies For Fresh Breath

The advertisements of Close Up and Colgate are really tempting… The fresh breath portrayed in these ads is something all of us love to have. I won’t say these gels are not promising, but there are some hidden secret elements in nature that would bestow you with similar, or even better results. Wondering if I am joking? Catch up with me as I take you through those wonderfully effective herbs and treasures from nature that bestow you with an enticing fresh breath…

z7475 Natural Ways For A Fresh Breath

  1. Water

Water is the most precious solution nature offers you. Lack of adequate water intake is one of the most common triggers for an unpleasant breaths. So, make sure you are meeting your daily H2O requirement. Plus, you can use it to clean your mouth after your meals. Fill your mouth with fresh water, swish it for a few seconds, and spit away. Feel the way it takes away the unwanted food particles that have hidden within your teeth, leaving you with a fresh breath.

  1. Fennel Seeds

Haven’t you noticed the fennel seeds being served at the Indian restaurants along with your bill? Yes, they are innate mouth freshening agents that offers you protection from oral bacteria too. At home, you can simmer 2 tsp of these seeds in 300 ml water for 10 minutes and drink this 30 minutes after your meal to eliminate bad breath completely.

  1. Fenugreek Seeds

A natural digestion boosting Indian spice, it offers relief from bad breath triggered due to catarrhal infections. You can prepare a tea by steeping 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds in 250 ml water. The drink tastes slightly bitter; so mix in a teaspoon of honey too. Drink 2 cups daily till the infection subsides and your breath turns fresh.

  1. Cinnamon

Powdered cinnamon can be used while brushing your teeth to thwart off halitosis. There are other simpler ways you can rely on this spice to aid you with an aromatic breath. Add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil to warm water and gargle with this solution to eliminate bacteria and bad breath. Prepare a homemade mouthwash by simmering 2 tsp of cinnamon powder in water for 10 minutes. Use this to swivel around your mouth and freshen up breath.

  1. Holy Basil

Many a time, tooth infections and gum disorders leave you yearning for a fresh breath. And tulsi infused water is the best solution for this. Crush a handful of fresh Holy Basil leaves and allow it to be steeped for 15 minutes. Drain and use this as a mouth rinse to stash away the infection and the unpleasant breath associated with it.

How do you keep your breath fresh and nice? Share your tips with us so that we can also try…

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