The benefits of Lavender essential oil are many and diverse. It is extracted from the leaves of lavender that hails from the family of sage, thyme, and mint. It has a rich medicinal profile and has been widely used to treat various ailments.



This essential oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for various skin and health conditions including acne and allergy. Read on to know about 13 different home remedies with lavender oil

  1. Relief from seasonal allergies:

Add a few drops of this essential oil to your diffuser or inhaler and inhale the scent to do away with your pollen allergies. You can add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to this mixture for better relief. A mixture of lavender essential oil and peppermint oil is also beneficial to cure seasonal allergies.

2. Sore throat remedy:

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into 1 cup of water at room temperature. Add one tsp of honey and six drops of edible grade lavender essential oil. Gargle with this concoction to ease your sore throat.

3. Natural cure for hay fever:

Add a drop of this essential oil to your palms and rub vigorously to release the scent. Inhale this aroma to ease the symptoms faced during hay fever.

4. Alleviates menstrual cramps:

Application of lavender essential oil around the abdomen during menstruation can relax the cramps. The analgesic and antispasmodic properties of this essential oil relax the muscles while the vapors that arise helps in calming down.

5. Cure for cold sores:

The inflammation and pain arising from the cold sores can easily be alleviated by topical application of this essential oil.

6. Eases skin infections:

Mix 10 drops of lavender oil with 2 tbsp coconut oil to be used as an effective natural solution for dermatitis or any itchy skin condition.

7. Treats cut:

A mixture of aloe gel and lavender oil can be applied to cuts and wounds to prevent infections and promote healing.

8. Eases shaving burns and bumps:

A mixture of lavender essential oil, coconut oil, and beetroot powder can be used to calm the inflammation and heal the wounds from shaving.

9. Eases body odor:

Apply a few drops of pure lavender oil on your underarms to kill the bacteria that cause odor, leaving you with a floral fragrance.

10. A solution for cracked feet:

Mix lavender essential oil with coconut oil and ginger powder to prepare an effective solution for cracked feet. You can even add aloe gel and turmeric powder to keep away the infection and inflammation.

11. Natural diaper rash concoction:

Mix coconut oil with a couple of drops of pure lavender essential oil and apply the mixture to diaper rash to heal the same.

12. Natural antiseptic:

Add a drop of this essential oil your cuts and wounds to stop bleeding and prevent infections.

13. Cures dandruff:

Rub a little lavender essential oil mixed with coconut oil into your scalp to eliminate dandruff and promote scalp health.

14. Sleep Remedy:  Sprinkle a few drops of pure lavender essential oil on a piece of tissue and tuck it under your pillow, or use an aromatherapy diffuser.

15. Heals your burns:

Just three drops of lavender oil are sufficient to heal a first-degree burn. It eases the pain and inflammation and removes the scars if any.

16. Insect bite Remedy:

Ease the pain, itching, and inflammation caused by insect bites and bee stings by applying one drop of this oil.

Try these home remedies with lavender essential oil and share your experiences with us!

** Warning ** :

  • Use pure essential oil and dilute the oil before applying it on the skin.
  • Consult the doctor before using essential oil if you are allergic to any essential oil or pregnant.

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