13 Eyeliner Hacks Every Girl Must Know

13 Eyeliner Hacks Every Girl Must KnowEyeliner is a great way to highlight and define your eyes without much effort and it’s the most use makeup item by women. If you are an eyeliner lover then you must definitely read the “must know eyeliner hacks” that really essential in beautifying your look even more.  Here are the top-13 eyeliner hacks that actually work, do try them and share if you know any other hacks.

To prevent your eyeliner from smudging, set it by using matching eyeshadow. After completing eyeliner, just dust some eyeliner on top of it.

Use white eyeliner as brow highlighter for instant eyebrow-lift but make sure you blend it perfectly to get rid of harsh lines.

Clean and sharpen your winged eyeliner by taking a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. It also Helps in removing any extra lines or strokes.

For perfect winged liner you can either use a spoon or visiting card trick.

Line your waterline with white eyeliner for waked-up and bigger eye effect. On some people white make look harsh in that case, use nude kohl.

Transform your kohl into gel eyeliner simply by warming up the tip of kohl. Hold the tip against flame for two seconds and swatch it on your hand. Your eyeliner is now transformed into gel eyeliner.

If your eyeliner is finished and you don’t have anything in hand then you can use mascara. Yes, simply run the eyeliner rush against the mascara wand to get product on it and use it to line your eyelids.

Line your lids and curl your lashes in a go. Take your eyeliner and draw a line against the curve of the curler. When you’ll curl your lashes, the line will smudge against your lids automatically.

For a more wide-eyes look create a “downward wing” instead of upward. It works just give it a try once.

For a straight line, use the dotted technique. First curl your lashes, then make tiny dots in between your lashes and in the end connect them slowly. Sit in a steady position before doing this and while curling lashes concentrate more on the base. This trick works best with liquid eyeliner.

To get rid of mascara dots on your face, don’t touch it when it’s wet and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, simply use your fingers to get rid of it. Trying to get rid of it when it’s wet can mess up the situation more.

For waked up look use white eyeliner on inner corners of your eye. Trust me girls, this trick makes a HUGE difference.

Use a concealer before applying or after applying eyeliner. It not only conceals imperfections but also keeps eyeliner in place.