I just love the fragrance of the lush rose essential oil. Extracted from the beautiful rose petals, this oil is one of the most treasured and cherished aromatherapy oil whose gentle, yet exotic scent makes you calm and peaceful. The benefits of this essential oil as a mood enhancer and healing tonic has been acknowledged since time unknown. Even though it is quite expensive when compared to other essential oils, it is worth experimenting. Read on to catch a glimpse of the benefits of rose essential oil.




  1. Anti-depressant

This essential oil has a calming aroma that helps in easing stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also helpful in boosting the positivity levels and create an uplifting atmosphere. Rose essential oil helps in relaxing you, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  1. Antiseptic

Dab a couple of drops of this therapeutic essential oil on the wounds to promote its healing in a fragrant way. It also thwarts off infections and prevents the site from turning septic.

  1. Eases spasmodic episodes

This essential oil is effective in easing spasms that affect the intestines and respiratory tract. It can also alleviate conditions such as muscle pulls and convulsions.

  1. Eases inflammation

Being a natural anti-phlogistic, this essential oil helps in easing fever by alleviating the inflammation. It is also effective in easing inflammations caused due to dehydration, indigestion, and microbial infection. It is also beneficial in reducing the inflammation in conditions like gout, arthritis, and rheumatism.

  1. Strengthens immune power

The antiviral nature of rose oil strengthens your immune systems and shields you from the attack of different types of viral infections.

  1. Natural aphrodisiac

The seductive fragrance of rose essential oil arouses you and boosts the libido. It also invokes the romantic feelings essential for a successful sexual life. Studies also suggest that rose essential oil has the potential to alleviate erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction.

  1. Good for your hair

The astringent properties of this essential oil strengthen the roots of the hair, thereby promoting hair growth. Rose essential oil can also be added to your natural hair toner to give your hair a fragrant, shining look.

  1. Good for the skin

Topical application of rose essential oil moisturizes your skin and reduces the signs of premature ageing. Its anti-inflammatory properties effectively heal acnes and inflammatory skin conditions. It tones and lifts the skin while keeping it free of blemishes and scars.

  1. Good for digestive system

Rose essential oil is a one-stop solution for all digestive system disorders, including diarrhea and stomach infections. It helps in retaining the firmness of the abdominal walls too.

  1. Detoxifier

Edible grade rose essential oil eliminates the toxins and purifies your blood. The detoxification process also eliminates the free radicals, thus protecting your liver and heart.

  1. Good for women

Rose essential oil regulates the women hormones, thereby offering relief to premenstrual, menstrual, and menopausal issues.

The discussion about the benefits of rose essential oil can go on and on. Experiment with it and share your experience with us!

** Warning **:

  • Avoid the use of undiluted essential oils on the skin.
  • Keep essential oils away from the eyes.
  • Do not use essential oil if you are¬†pregnant.
  • Consult your doctor before using¬†essential oils.