Waxing is always a nightmare for us isn’t it? Fairly so, as the whole process of waxing is most of the time painful and for some people the skin also reacts very badly. So today I am going to address this issue and give you some very useful tips and tricks to make your waxing experience a pleasant one.


Bath in warm water: A warm shower can help a lot in making the waxing affair a happy one. When you take a warm shower the pores in your skin opens up. That will facilitate the easy removal of hair and yes; it will also make the hair removal less painful.

Exfoliate: While you are taking bath you can also exfoliate your skin. This will make sure to eliminate all the dead cells and dirt that must have clogged your pores which will further help in smoother hair removal. When you exfoliate, you will also be making way to remove the ingrown hair and the end result will be super smooth skin.

No products before waxing: Before going for waxing avoid using any kind of products on your skin as that will again clog the pores. If you want to apply moisturizer do so but use water based one and not a heavy moisturizer.

Bikini wax: If you want to go for bikini wax then make sure you trim down the hair prior to waxing. Do not cut the hair too short otherwise it may not stick to the wax. Also do some yoga so that you can be flexible enough to make things easier for the expert to wax.

No waxing if you have skin abrasions: It is better to avoid waxing if your skin has not been in best condition or it has pimple, cut or any kind of bruise. You can postpone the session as waxing that area will further damage the skin.

No coffee/alcohol: Yes, before your waxing session avoids taking alcohol or caffeine as that will tighten your pores resulting in painful waxing.

Hydrate the skin: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. This will help in less painful waxing. Dry skin will pain a lot as opposed to well hydrated skin.

Avoid waxing during your periods: Bikini wax should not be done a week before your periods and that’s because the pain threshold is very low during that time. You can do your waxing a few days post your periods.

Leave it in the hands of the experts: Waxing is better off done by the experts and doing it on your own means lack of technique and hence poor result. That may result in not only painful waxing but also redness of skin, bumps, itching etc.

Post waxing: No deodorants to be used post waxing as the skin will be very sensitive at that time and deodorants will make the skin react. Let your skin breathe and hence wear comfortable clothes and avoid tight clothes. Take cold shower after waxing, this will close the pores.