10 Steps to Summer-Ready Legs

Women look incredible with lovely legs. So much needs to be done to get this awesome feeling, don’t you agree? Since you can’t make your legs longer, you can make them look smooth, soft and tanned. Before you get started, first stand in front of the mirror to check the hair situation on your legs. Get the confidence that you are going to change your legs with conviction and determination. Let’s get on the trip to flaunting sexy and shapely legs.

10 Steps to Summer-Ready LegsStep 1: Exfoliate: Just like your face needs exfoliation to remove dead cells, so do your legs. Get a good quality exfoliator to use in the shower such as AHAVA Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Exfoliator which cleans and exfoliates leg skin with red algae and Dead Sea minerals.

Step 2: Shave: The leg skin of a lady has to look picture perfect. To get this, pick a good quality razor or go for Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit which needs no temperature regulation, hence easy to use.

Step 3: Moisturise: Just like face legs need proper hydration. Go for omega rich body oils which you can apply after your shower is over for it to sink into your skin and dry quickly.

Step 4: Tone: Skin needs proper toning whether it’s your face or legs. Use body firming serums that aim to tighten your legs with a technology that helps smoothen out bumpy areas on your legs and reduce puffiness.

Step 5: Level: When it’s time to put on a swimsuit, cellulite becomes the biggest enemy when it comes to flaunting the upper thigh area. There is a way to escape the stress in Vichy CelluDestock Intensive Treatment. Just massage this cream into your skin on a daily basis in order to reduce the dimples on the thighs.

Step 6: Smooth: Stretch marks are the ugliest sight one can see on the legs of a hot looking attractive girl. Apply Celtrixa Intensive Stretch Mark Treatment which fades the look of stretch marks by majority.

Step 7: Dab some colour: Bronze is not just for the face but legs too. Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer creates a colour on the legs that’s gradual, flawless & captivating.

Step 8: Protect: It’s sunscreen time now. Use broad spectrum SPF 30 on your legs to give them a natural and protected look. After all, you are not going to hide your contoured legs under a full-length swimsuit, are you?

Step 9: Highlight: Now that a good amount of effort has been done to make the legs look summer-ready, it’s time to step out. Apply a shimmering dry oil to get that natural looking sheen that will help hide imperfections in the sunlight, if any.

Step 10: Soothe: If you are basking in the sun for long, give your exposed legs the benefit of after-sun serum. Use a mixture of sea kelp, aloe and green tea to calm down the sunburnt skin.

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