10 Creative Uses for sour milk at home

10 Creative Uses for sour milk at homeRaw milk is completely enriched with enzymes and probiotics which are extremely beneficial for human health. Due to enrichment of various enzymes with various other minerals and calcium, it makes it beneficial to include drinking milk as the mandatory thing to be included in diet.

Milk tends to expire soon, which makes it sour in taste. Sour milk is not at all unhygienic for health, what you might not like is the sour taste which is obtained due to irritable bacterial reactions. Even if you are not drinking it, we got you few creative ways to use sour milk at home.

Use chocolate cake with it. This will need few dark chocolate of your choice and replace the fresh milk with the sour milk. The sour milk is a result of bacterial reaction, which would make the cake bake tasty and delicious too.

You can make yoghurt with this sour milk. Spoon out 2 – 3 spoon of sour milk and keep in a fresh bowl. Leave the bowl in the room temperature overnight and you get freshly made yoghurt in the morning. This may sometimes take a day or a two, depends on the temperature. Yoghurt preparation needs warm temperature for appropriate bacterial reaction. Homemade yogurt recipe >>

You can make banana bread out of sour milk. Take 2-3 ripe bananas and prepare dough using some flavor and the sour milk. Due to sour milk, you don’t need to leave the dough for fermentation and the bread would bake easily.

Scoop out the layer formed over the sour milk and use this for serving soups and other fresh smoothies. You can add a spoon or a two in the freshly made smoothies at home.

Sour milk can be used to marinate the chicken or fish, which would help to tenderize them effectively. You will feel the difference in the taste, after you have cooked the chicken. We are sure, it would bake more than you ever imagined.

Sour milk can improve the health of your tomatoes plants due to plenty of enzymes and calcium in it. Mix plenty of water with the sour milk and give it to your tomatoes plants. Water should be more than the milk.

Instantly dab some sour milk over sunburned area, to get instant relief and soothing. Sour milk helps to heal the pigmentation soon.

Using sour milk as a conditioner for your hair is one among enormous idea. You need to apply the milk on the scalp with the help of cotton ball. Rub some milk on the split ends and tie your hair properly with a clutch. Now apply milk to the hairs left. Rinse off after leaving them undisturbed for 15 minutes.

Rub over dry skin, to keep them hydrated and good always. If you have patches over skin, keep allying sour milk, as they are great healing various skin problems and rashes.

Soak silver ornaments in the sour milk and leave for 1 hour. Scrub the ornaments like usual and dip them again in the milk. Wash off with cold water, for better results.