Honey and Castor Oil for hair growth:Honey for hair growth – 

Honey is one such ingredient that could help you add the radiance while keeping your hair conditioned.  Click here >>

Honey Hair Wash –

Raw honey cleanses scalp well and moisturizes hair giving you silky smooth locks. Find out more here >>

Hair Spa Treatment

soft, smooth and shiny hair
Honey helps to fight dandruff, dry or itchy scalp. Regular use of honey on your hair lightens the hair color naturally. Click Here >>

Seal Split Ends

Disguise split ends without cutting. Find out more here >>

Long, lustrous and strong hair

honey when applied on hair twice a month can give you long, lustrous and strong hair. If you’re suffering from hair loss then this recipe will also reduce hair fall to a great extent.  Click Here >>

Honey Hair Rinse

The honey rinse will leave you tresses soft and smooth and provides moisture to the hair. Click here >>

Honey to add highlights:

Honey is another ingredients that can lighten your hair naturally. Find out more here >>

Dry Frizzy hair remedy –

This mask will help you tame dry frizzy hair.  Click here >>

Honey shampoo  

Homemade Shampoo Recipes For Healthy Hair.  Find out more here >>