Amazing beauty tips using lemon juice

Lemon is a very commonly found ingredient in our kitchens. It is a very versatile ingredients. From being used for energy drinks and coolants in summer to using it pickles or for adding extra flavor in food , it has numerous uses. But did you ever think it has not just a few but a lot of health and beauty benefits too! Read on to know about top 10 health and beauty benefits of lemon.


Helps in curing Dandruff:

There are a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market but most of them aren’t affective,  and those that work end up drying your hair. Why not try this home remedy that can actually help to reduce your dandruff effectively without drying your hair and scalp.
All you have to do is apply lemon juice on your scalp half an hour before shampooing your hair and you’ll definitely see a significant reduction in your dandruff after every use as lemon has anti-bacterial property that can help in treating dandruff naturally.

Helps in making nails longer and stronger:

top home remedies to make your nails grow fasterThis might be surprising, but yes it is totally the truth! Lemon can be used to make your nail grow faster and it also helps in whitening your nails and making them stronger. For this mix lemon juice with garlic paste and regularly apply it on your nails’ tip regularly for a week. You’ll notice a visible growth in your nails also it’ll help to make your nails stronger reducing the tacky looking yellow nails

Lemon for dark and rough knees and elbows:

Treat Dark Knuckles, Elbows And Knees at home
Rough, darkened knees and elbow are a common problem. Lemon juice contains citric acid which is a natural bleaching agent. Therefore, applying lemon juice to elbows can help to lighten the skin.

Helps in making teeth whiter:

You’ll must have heard that lemon juice can help in removing stains from clothes but not just that it also helps in removing tooth stains and helps in making them whiter
Mix lemon juice in baking soda and apply this mixture on your teeth and use a toothbrush for
Scrubbing. After doing it for 10-12 minutes rinse off your teeth Doing this for regularly can give you visibly whiter teeth inexpensively

Helps in clearing acne and pimples:

Natural ways to get rid of pimple overnight - lemon
Lemon has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It works great in removing skin impurities deeply. This makes lemon very effective in reducing acne and pimples.
Apply honey and lemon face pack thrice a week and you’ll get to see your desired results. Also regular use will help to reduce blemishes and wrinkles too.

Helps in treating black heads:

This is again a surprising benefit of using lemon. Lemon can help in reducing blackheads before you even realize. Take half cut lemon and squeeze its juice on your face regularly for a week. It’ll really help in fading your black heads. Or you can also massage honey and lemon pack on your face regularly for a week.

Helps to get rid of bad foot odor:

7. Helps to get rid of bad foot odor:
Many of you’ll must have experienced the problem of sweaty and smelly feet. lemon can help in getting rid of that unwanted odour right away. Mix few drops of lemon juice in hot water and soak in your feet in it for 15 minutes.
It will not just help in getting rid of smelly feet but will also help in effective cleansing and removing dry skin.

Lemon for stretch marks :

The natural acids in lemon juice can help fade and bleach stretch mark.
Lemon is a natural skin exfoliator. Using lemon juice can help in getting rid of dead skin cells effectively. Not just an exfoliator it is also an effective natural moisturizer that can help skin to retain its moisture leaving it soft, supple and hydrated. This is super-fast home remedy for stretch marks as lemon is known for its bleaching properties. Lemons remove dead skin and make stretch marks disappear faster


If you’re tired of using expensive lightening creams that hardly do anything as per the claims, then do try this home remedy. Massage honey and lemon pack onto your face , rinse it after 20 minutes. Doing this will for 2-3 weeks will help to make your skin tone lighter as lemon is rich in vitamin c and citric acid that can help to fade scar and brighten skin effectively.

Lighten Underarm:

Mix lemon juice and sugar. Apply on armpits and leave for 10 minutes. Rub the skin gently as the sugar granules scrub the dead skin. After scrubbing for 5 minutes, wash using normal water. Pat dry and apply any moisturizer of your choice. Or you can also use brown sugar instead of sugar.

Helps in dealing with sun-burn:

Sun burns are sometimes hard to deal with and can make you feel uncomfortable and also unattractive. Believe it or not lemon can help in giving relief from sun burns. Mixing lemon juice in equal quantity of water and washing your face with it can help in relieving sun burns and healing them effectively preventing peeling of skin and further skin damage.


Color your hair naturally with easy homemade recipes
Lemon juice in hair delivers marvelous hair lightening effect.  To Lighten Normal Hair. Mix the lemon juice and tea together in a measuring cup. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto your hair until your hair is damp.

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