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USES FOR OLD CRAYONSDoesn’t every household have a ton of broken old crayons lying around in their craft rooms, drawers, buckets, boxes? I have tons of it in my drawer, the ones I purchased when I was in school and the ones I purchased when I needed them in college crafts but couldn’t find the old ones.

While I was shifting to my new house, I cleaned up all my drawers and cupboards, and there they are!! All old and new crayons hiding in corners of my cupboard. I’m always wondering what to do with those little guys. If you’ve been wondering too, then this post is for you!

There’s a way to take old and broken crayons and still allow them to keep their original use. We’re simply turning crayons back into crayons! With this second life though, the colour combinations and shape options are up to you and your kids, making for an even better crayon colouring experience. You only need to melt the crayons and pour them in moulds to recreate them! You can mix up colours to create new shades.

Believe it or not, you can take your old crayons and give them a fabulous new life by allowing them to bring a little more light to the world; in the form of a candle. Make some colourful DIY candles by simply melting your old crayons together with a bit of wax. All you need to do is melt together crayons and soy wax and pour it in a cylindrical cup. You may need to add a wick.

You can make beautiful hair dryer painting using crayons. Just stick the crayons on top of the canvas using scotch tape. Hold the canvas in a slanting position and start heating it using hair dryer from the extreme top. Keep blowing until you’re satisfied with your You can either remove the crayons at this point or keep them on the canvas. That’s your personal decision. Let the canvas dry and then enjoy!

You can beautiful sandpaper art using crayons. Cut out a piece of sandpaper, the more coarse the better. Draw a picture on the rough surface with leftover crayons. Once the sandpaper is all coloured, place in the oven on an old cookie sheet at low. It makes a bit of a waxy smell, but once the pictures are melted on the sandpaper, let dry and you have an art piece to cherish. It is worth it!

Crayons can also be used to seal envelopes. Melt them down with a lighter into a foil filled cup and then drip the crayon wax into patterns or just a drop onto the envelope. Then you can use a metal stamp after the wax has cooled a little to add more texture or your initials.

These trick not only help you reuse and recycle old crayons, but also add on to your creativeness. Happy colouring!

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