Every girl loves winged eyeliner but acing this trick comes with practice however like for everything this one too comes with a shortcut. A perfect wing can be created easily with the help a simple business card or your shopping card, even a regular playing card for that matter. There are many ways to create winged eyeliners but the business cards are the most easiest option to try.


  • Business cards of any type, take the one that works best for you.
  • Eye liner of your choice- Gel or liquid.

Prepare your under eye area before you go for a winged eyeliner.

Prep you eyes with a good eye primer. This is very important to hold the makeup in place.

Next, moisturizer your eye area with your regular moisturizer. It is very crucial that your eye area is well hydrated to create a perfect base for eye makeup. The effect of the makeup always doubles on a well moisturized skin.

Conceal the dark circles or any kind of blemishes that you may have under your eyes with the help of a corrector and concealer.


  1. Apply the eyeliner on the eyelids close to the lashes. By doing this first you get an idea of the shape of your eyes and the kind of a wing you would like to create.
  2. Next place the business card in the corner of your eye. Make sure that the point of the wing liner has to created in the direction of the corner of your eyebrow. So place the business card accordingly assuming an invisible line meeting the tip of the eyebrow.
  3. Hold it tight and draw a thin line above it starting from the corner of the eye. First make the line and you can later manipulate it as per your liking.
  4. Next step is to extend your wing or make it thicker.

Quick tips: You can also use the business card to hold it above the winged liner in triangle shape to make a thick wing but always keep the tip of the winged eyeliner thin and sharp

The business card gives you a support to make sharp line without messing up. This is how simply you can ace the winged eyeliner look. So from now on you will definitely not get late because of a winged eyeliner!!