Holiday season is here and you can smell Christmas even before it arrives! It’s the spirit, excitement and Christmas season and December surely rocks. Whether it’s the fresh cool breeze, fresh scent of pine trees or the delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies, this holiday season is as fragrant and uplifting as it is festive. People often use toxic air fresheners to make their home smell like Christmas but it only adds on the toxicity in the air and doesn’t smell as fresh as natural fragrances. Here are some easy and natural ways to scent your home this holiday season:


Nothing beats the smell of fresh pine leaves in the holiday season. Get hold of fresh pine branches and leaves and use it to decorate your house. Make a garland or use it around the Christmas tree. You could also decorate your windows or galleries with pine leaves. This will keep your house look green and more like Christmas and also make it smell like one.


Essential oil diffusers are a great way to add a burst of scent at your home that is not as strong and nauseating as the commercial toxic room fresheners. Use essential oil diffusers instead which slowly makes your house smell great and is subtle. Add few drops of orange essential oil and few drops or pine essential oil in the diffuser and watch yourself go deep into the holiday and Christmas thoughts. Read on benefits of using essential oil diffuser >>


The usual candles you get are made up of paraffin. It is certainly not good to inhale the fumes created by the usual candles, besides they do not scent your home either. Beeswax candles can be great choice this holiday season. They give off a light honey scent and make your house smell mildly sweet; the scent stays for longer too! More on how to make candles >>


Potpourri is a great way to keep your house smelling great with continuous supply of soothing fragrance. You can certainly make your own potpourri without the toxicity and added chemical fragrances in it which is the case with commercially bought potpourri. To make your own potpourri for the holiday season,  collect pine cones and pieces of bark, clean them off and allow to fully dry. Drop essential oils onto them and place in a bowl. Make several such bowls and keep them around the house.


You can make your home smell great naturally by using some natural fruits and herbs. The best combination would be orange slices, pine cones and vanilla beans. Combine these ingredients and add them in a vessel filled with water. Put a lid and heat it up. Let it simmer for few minutes and then turn off the flame. Open the lid and keep the vessel in any room. This will fill your home with a burst of freshness and Christmas scent.


Combine 1 cup of water with 6-7 drops pine essential oil. Add it in a shaker bottle and shake it well. Use this to spray on your Christmas tree; fake or real. This will make it fragrant and also make the surrounding area smell like holiday!