Honey Cinnamon Anti Acne Mask

Acne is a typical skin condition found in adolescence where the sebaceous glands produce excess oil making skin greasy trapping in the hair follicles. The skin pores are blocked and infected with bacteria which develop more and more pimples, blackheads and white heads. Thanks to nature which has some of the great products which act as anti acne.

Honey Cinnamon Anti Acne MaskHoney and cinnamon are two such products lying in your kitchen cabinet which forms a powerful anti acne face mask. Both are sources of anti bacterial properties that combat against acne.

Ingredients supplied:

  • Raw Honey
  • Organic Cinnamon powder
  • A clean container

How to make Honey and cinnamon anti acne mask?

In a clean container pour 2 or 3 tablespoons of raw honey. To this add 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of organic cinnamon powder and stir to blend together.

Apply the paste uniformly over face with your fingertips, keep away from eye contact as the cinnamon may burn your eyes. The mask will sting for few mins which is why it is called the “burning mask” and also leave your skin red for few mins. Leave the mask on for 5 mins and rinse away with ice cold water. If you have sensitive skin or if you are allergic to cinnamon or honey then try the turmeric acne clearing masks >>

Benefits of anti acne mask:

Honey: Honey one of the sweetest syrup is filled with goodness for both skin. It contains natural antibiotics and antiseptics that clear the germ causing acne. It contains hydrogen peroxide which helps in killing the bacteria. The sticky nature of honey helps to remove dirt and grime and adds moisture to both oily and dry skin. In case of oily skin it controls excess oil. The rich antioxidants in honey prevent skin from being damaged.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon, a super spice is not just a seasoning agent for desserts. It has hordes of antifungal properties that reduce skin infections and pimple causing bacteria. The anti-inflammatory properties of the spice reduces redness and swelling of acne, de clogs the pores. The spice improves blood circulation in the skin reducing fine lines and rejuvenates skin.


  1. Do a patch test as the ingredients supplied are highly powerful.
  2. Excess use of the face mask is not recommended (not more than twice a week).
  3. Reduce the quantity of cinnamon for sensitive skin.