Hair Perfume and How to Wear It

Hair Perfume and How to Wear ItA woman should either smell ridiculously amazing or should not smell at all. Regular fragrances which are used on body is the best way to smell good all-day long but did you knew that you could also use a hair-perfume? Yes, a perfume to make your hairs smell good and it’s the latest trend. Let’s talk more about it.

What is a hair perfume?

A fragrance which is specifically designed to be applied on hair is known as “hair perfume”. Such fragrances are believed to be last longer than body fragrances because our hair absorbs more scent than our body. Moreover, these perfumes help you to get rid of the bad odor that can accumulate in between shampoos. It can also transform your bad-hair-day into good-hair-day instantly.

Hair experts say that “hair is the best spot to apply perfume especially if a woman wants to create an impression. Since hairs are always in motion which generates diffusion, a waft of perfume is released every time you move them. So, to cover up any unpleasant smell or simply to make your hair smell fabulous, one should use a “hair-perfume”. DIY natural hair perfume >>

Ingredients to Look for in a HairPerfume: Since you’ll be using a hair perfume on your hair make sure you first look into the ingredient-list. Look for citrus, lavender, and rose flower notes in a hair-perfume and avoid using the one which have alcohol or silicone in it. Alcohol and silicone are not good for hair scalp and can damage your hair in long run. A hair-perfume should not weight down your hair but if you’re experiencing any such thing than either stop using it or start using it only at the end of your strands.

Some Hair-perfumes in India you should try:

  • QUCO Hair Perfume Spray: The most affordable hair perfume you can find in India is QUCO perfume. It’s non-sticky, light-weight and adds a nice fragrance to hair which stays for long. The quantity and price makes it worth trying at least once. Price: 250 INR for 150 ml
  • Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Hair Mist: If you love trying luxury products then this one is worth spending money. The soft lily, vanilla and floral fragrance will boost your day with every spray. It has a very delightful and pleasant fragrance for any age. If you want to leave an impression then try it. Price: 4400 INR for 35Ml
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist: If you like pretty girly kind of floral fragrance then this hair-perfume from Etude is definitely made for you. The soft and long-lasting fragrance will surely make your day whenever you spray it. Price: 2500 for 120 ml