Hair Chalk – Temporary Hair Color

I bet you’ve seen the pictures of girls with pretty blond hair that has been chalked into colorful awesomeness floating all over the Internet. Hair chalking seems to be all the rage right now especially since it’s temporary and doesn’t require a huge commitment. The biggest drawback of most hair colors, especially hair chalk and temporary ones like that, is that they’re really difficult to do on dark hair. Blond hair is like a blank canvas that soaks up any color but there’s an advantage to having darker hair that often gets overlooked – it makes hair chalk look amazing and exotic! Here are the steps you need to follow if you have darker hair.

Hair Chalk - black hair - Temporary Hair ColorHair Chalking DIY – How To Hair Chalk

Step 1: Choose your colors. While dark blues, greens and reds may look adorable in the pictures online, most of them don’t show up that well on dark hair so pick carefully. Go for brighter shades such as a bright teal, bright blue, yellow, or pink. Pastels look wonderful if they show up but that depends on the kind/brand of chalk you use too.

Step 2: Soak the chalk. Fill an empty pill-box, color pallet or spoons with some water and dip one end of the chalk in them. Drip a few drops of water over the top if you think the chalk isn’t soaking up the water on it’s own. This will help release the pigments.

Step 3: Soak Yourself! While the chalk(s) is/are soaking, hop into the shower and wash your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo that will remove the excess oil in your hair but skip the conditioner (that greasy stuff doesn’t let the pigments stick). Towel dry but not too much and change into an old tshirt because it may get dirty.

How to Hair Chalk - Temporary Hair Colour

Step 4: Start Chalking. Strategically (or randomly. Whatever floats your boat) pick out sections of your hair and rub the chalk down its length. Keep applying the chalk until you think the strands are sufficiently saturated with color. If you’re working with multiple colors you should pick a section further away so that the colors don’t transfer and mix with each other. If you want different colors closer together you will have to wait until the process is done and then go back and soak particular sections of your hair again.

Step 5: Let your hair air dry but be careful not to rub the color onto something else till it’s dry. Do not blow dry because it will blow off the chalk particles and make the color dull. Once completely dry, use a heated straightening iron (or curling iron if you want curls) on the colored sections so that you can lock in the color. Use hairspray if you want to seal it in better.

Hair Chalk India - Temporary Hair ColorProducts:
You can use professional hair chalk  products that is easily available on amazon or ebay or the best way to chalk yur hair without spending much is by using the soft chalk pastels (not oil pastels) from an art store which you can easily buy on Both options work great but if like me, you’re trying to do the rainbow tips, the professional hair chalk may be too expensive and the art chalk will work better since you get many colors in one pack.

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