Turmeric milk or Haldi doodh- This drink is very well-known for Indians. It is sort of grandma’s recipe, a drink that can be had almost anytime and by anyone. We might have dreaded having this when we were small kids, but the benefits that it contains has made it retain its popularity still. It is a miracle drink to heal anyone. Although it has been known since ages, today’s girls, no less regarding this miracle drink and for the same reason use less or not at all too.

TURMERIC DRINKTurmeric is a spice that contains strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which make it best drink to tackle colds, congestion, headache, and sore throats.

Turmeric milk: – This drink is very simple to make. It can be made with ginger, pepper as per your preference however today I am presenting the most simple and easiest way of making turmeric milk, which is very effective in itself.

Benefits of drinking turmeric milk:

  1. Digestion: Turmeric milk helps to promote intestinal health and treats colitis and stomach ulcers. It can prevent diarrhoea, ingestion and ulcers.
  2. Bone Health: Turmeric milk is a great source of calcium hence promotes bone health
  3. Antioxidant: Turmeric milk is an excellent antioxidant which helps in fighting free radicals.
  4. Blood purifier: Turmeric milk is an awesome blood purifier; it cleanses the lymphatic system and blood vessels.
  5. Insomnia: Turmeric milk grants you a peaceful sleep.
  6. Cold and Cough: Turmeric milk is best to treat cold and cough as it has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It instantly relieves cold, cough and sore throat.

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Ingredients required:-

  • Milk: – 1 glass
  • Turmeric (fresh or powdered) – 1 teaspoon
  • Honey to taste

Optional ingredients for variation

  • Pepper
  • Dried Ginger powder


Take a vessel, pour milk and boil it. Add turmeric and simmer it.

Allow it to simmer for one minute and then remove the vessel from the flame. Stir the milk while it is simmering. This will ensure heat is evenly distributed.

Turn off the flame. Now strain the milk with the help of a strainer and pour it into a glass.

Add honey as per your requirement. Serve hot.


With optional ingredients: If you have digestive issues then it is better if you use ginger and pepper too. This can be added after the milk boils just before adding turmeric powder. The rest of the steps are same as mentioned above.

Note: if you are using fresh turmeric, then you will have to grate the turmeric root and add it to the boiled milk.

Tip: Relish one warm glass of turmeric milk just before you go to bed, this will not only help in reducing the cough and cold but give you a blissful sleep.