EYE SHADOW - MUST HAVE SHADES FOR BEGINNERSGone are those days when women used to match their eye shadow shade with their dress. There is no room for matching-matching now so simply avoid doing a blue-eye makeup with a blue dress because it will ruin your impression. Eye shadow shade must be decided according to eye-color and since most of Indian women have brown eyes I thought I must do a “Must have eyeshadow shades”. If you’re in expert in makeup then you probably can apply any shade but if you’re a beginner then you should carefully choose shades. Here is a list of some basic “eye shadow shades” you must try before you experiment with other colors.

Amber: Amber colored eyeshadow is the latest trend and many brands are coming up with this shade. Whether you have brown, hazel or blue eyes, this one shade is going to flatter your eyes even more. You can use it all alone over the lids for sexy girl’s night out or you can combine it with other complementing shade for quick summer look. Amber is a mix of bronze and peach shade which absolutely flatters all skin tones.

Black: If you want to make an impression then “Black smokey eye” will do it for you. A black eyeshadow can look tricky in the container but trust me it’s very simple if applied correctly. Here I am talking about black eyeshadow and not charcoal, navy blue because black means black. Once you master black smokey eye then you can experiment with other colors. Simply place color on your lids and then blend it beautifully.

Purple: Purple smokey eye is also trending runways these days and it’s a trend you must try. Well a purple eye look can either make or break your entire look so make sure you choose the right “purple” shade. If you have green eyes go for deepest purple shade but if you have brown eyes then go for purple shades with hint of brown undertones. Since purple is a bold shade, use it alone and don’t mix it with other shades.

Khaki: If you’re not daring enough to try black and purple smokey eyes then how about a soft romantic khaki eye look? Simply apply khaki cream eyeshadow all over your lids, blend it and finish with couple of mascara. The soft smokey eye effect is perfect for daytime. This shade is enough to create an impression and at the same time it looks sophisticated.

Dark Brown: Brown eye shadow look is one of those are looks which can hardly go wrong since brown is a universally flattering shade. A rich brown dark eye look will instantly pop your entire look. If you want a dramatic look without going too dark then brown shade is definitely for you.