EYE AND LIP MAKEUP HACKS FOR EVERY WOMANThere are a few easy makeup hacks would let you get those perfectly dreamy eyes and stunning pout in no time. So, how to get gorgeous with beautiful eyes and lips? Read to know more!
Eye Makeup Hacks For Every Woman Eye makeup involves a sweet relationship with liners, kohl, mascara and false lashes. Check out these easy hacks to get gorgeous eyes in no time:

Smudgy look with eye pencil: If you wish to get that smudgy look though you are running out of your smooth gel-base eye formula, turn your good old eye liner pencil into your favourite gel formula by holding it under the flame of a lighter. Wait for 15 seconds, let it cool down and swipe along the contours of your eyes.

Bobby pin glue application for falsies: Love to make a fashion statement with those false lashes? Using the tip of a clean bobby pin would help you disperse the glue evenly along the falsie bases. Using falsies has never been easier!

Toothbrush trick for eyelash separation: Irritated with your eyelashes gluing on to each other like love birds? Just take a clean toothbrush and use it on the eye lash clumps to separate them.

White eyeliner for eye shadow shade intensification: Wish to make the colour of your eye shadow pop out? Run a white eyeliner pencil over your eyelid. This will increase the concentration of your eye shadow shade.

Saline solution for dried mascara: If your mascara tends to dry up even though the shelf life isn’t over, restore it with these tricks >>

Nude pencil for bigger and brighter eyes: If your eyes look tired, revive them by applying a nude or white pencil shade along the water line. This trick also makes your eyes look big!

Lip Makeup Hacks For Every Woman

Lip makeup is all about being able to flaunt the right shade of lipstick in an effortless manner. Check out these hacks for a smooth lipstick experience:

  • Lip balms come before lipstick: Coat your lips with a lip balm before you apply lipstick to make your lips look luscious and soft.
  • Tone it down with lip balm: If you think that you wouldn’t be able to carry that shade of sultry red or luminous pink, apply lip balm and then swipe the lipstick along your lips only once, for a shade that looks toned down than the original one.
  • Wish to highlight your lips? Apply some concealer on your upper lip cupid and add that extra edge!

Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. However, in an effort to juggle office, household chores, children and family together, she is hardly left with any time that she can devote for buying the right sort of makeup, coming up with makeup ideas and applying them when she wishes to look gorgeous. That is why, these easy lip and eye makeup hacks help you look stunning readily!