Thick hair is regarded as an asset that enhances ones physical appearance. One can suffer from hair fall, dry hair, rough hair etc. due t variety of reasons like stress, using too many hair products, not maintaining cleanliness, not taking enough care of your hair, genes, pollution etc. Egg is a well-known hair softener but did you know that it also helps you fight hair fall? Below is how you could use eggs for hair fall:



  • An excellent source of nourishing oils and proteins, egg applied directly to the hair; help your locks to seal in moisture and repair damage caused by dehydration and chemical treatments.
  • Eggs give your hair a nourishing coating that reduces tangles thus reduces hair fall.
  • Eggs are a great source of protein that strengthens your hair follicles and makes your hair naturally thick.
  • Eggs are rich in protein, sulfur, and biotin and that is why they are essential for healthy and strong hair.


  • Break 2 eggs and give them a quick whisk.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and whisk again.
  • Apply this mask on the scalp and hair and tie a hair bun.
  • Shampoo after 2 hours.