I am sure all the commercial stuffs will soon come to an end thanks to everything DIY! We are so obsessed with this DIY trend that we have found homemade solutions for almost everything and anything! It’s going to be funny to soon see something like this written on a commercial product- DIY lipstick, DIY foundation bla bla! This DIY thing has taken a toll on the fashion and makeup industry! And we are all positively happy about it right? Anyways, coming to the tutorial for today- DIY bobby pins :p yes, it is as simple as it sounds.



Things you need:

  • Varieties of buttons (different shapes, sizes and colors)
  • Bobby pins (I have used 1 black colored, 1 yellow and 1 blue colored bobby pin)
  • Different decoratives too add up with the button
  • An adhesive (I have used fevicol, you can use any other adhesive as well whichever is available)

Method: (what I have done)

  • Stick small buttons on bigger sized buttons
  • Flood the button with adhesive and place bobby pin on it
  • You can also stick a piece of paper on opposite side of the button to keep it in place
  • I have also used a pink bow and star, you can add up almost any suitable decorative stuff to add on to the cuteness ^_^
  • Let the adhesive dry for 10 minutes
  • Tada! DIY button bobby pin ready! Wear it and flaunt.

Note: To add on to the cuteness, you may also paint the bobby pin with glitter nail polish.