Coffee Hair rinse for super shiny hair

Whether you choose to gossip and bond over a hot brewing cup of foaming coffee or let your thoughts take a solitary drift along the memory lane while you sit sipping your cold coffee in the favourite corner of your room, there can be several ways of making coffee a part of your daily life. Smell it, taste it and then have it as a part of your beauty regimen- coffee can help you solve your beauty problems in no time!

Coffee Hair Rinse:Coffee hair rinse is effortless to make. Use it as hair rinse for soft and silky hair. Brew 2-4 cups of espresso or strong coffee. Allow it to cool. Pour over your hair after you shampoo and condition. Leave it in while you finish the rest of your shower. Then gently rinse.

Wondering why you should be incorporating coffee in your regular beauty routine? Here are the top reasons:

  • Coffee loads your skin with antioxidants
  • Coffee contains caffeine that defends your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays and helps in fighting skin damage
  • It has anti-aging properties to maintain the elasticity of skin
  • It helps in imparting youthful and smooth skin
  • Coffee is great for cellulite reduction

Thus, coffee is great not only as a beverage but also as a beauty ingredient! Use it in your daily life to reap maximum benefits.