Our skin is prone to product build up and dead skin build up that clogs pores and causes blemishes if not exfoliated regularly. Regular exfoliation is necessary in order to keep our sin clear and flawless. There are a lot of scrubs, exfoliating tools etc. available commercially that do the job well of removing dead skin layer and cleansing the pores. Life now is all about beauty hacks and here I am with a unique and amazing hack- to use beautyblender as a cleansing sponge to exfoliate your skin!



  • Beauty blender effectively removes dead skin layer without being harsh on the skin, after all it is a sponge.
  • You can use scrubs and faced washes with this!
  • Suits all skin types, even very sensitive ones.
  • Works well even if you have active acne on the skin as it is very gentle yet effective.
  • Easy to use!


  • For this, you need a clean beauty sponge/beauty blender. If you use makeup laden sponge, you will only clog pores and bacteria might cause acne.
  • Take the sponge and wet it. Wet your face to.
  • Apply a cleanser or mild scrub onto your face and begin massaging with the beauty blender.
  • The sponge will create nice foam and will lift away dirt and grime with gentle exfoliating action. Rinse and pat dry.