AWESOME USES FOR SCOTCH AND DUCT TAPE Duct tape and scotch tape is one of mankind’s more interesting inventions. However, there are more uses for the tape than just fixing something that’s a little bit torn or putting together sturdy cardboard boxes. There are endless things that you can do with it.

For just a few bucks at your local hardware store, you can buy duct tape in a variety colors. Now, you can use the stuff in a variety of genius ways.

* Want to free your clothing off lint? Use a scotch tape or duct tape depending upon how sensitive the cloth is.

* You can make a DIY fly paper wrap. Just wrap a toilet roll or paper towel roll with tape sticky-side up and hang from the ceiling!

* You can pick up tiny bits of broken glass! Wrap a ward of paper towel in scotch tape (duct tape in case of bigger pieces)sticky-side up to pick up tiny pieces of glass from the floor.

* Deter your cat from scratching. Place double-sided tape on furniture and areas where you don’t want your cat scratching.

* Mend a small crack on your egg. Just make sure the egg is fresh and use it ASAP.

* Protect labels from smudging. Great for address labels, seed labels, prescription labels etc.

* Want to wrap many gifts in a short time? Use a duct tape to neatly stick it around the boxes and tie a ribbon to make it look cute!

* Duct tapes can also be used to make simple gift tags. Just cut a rectangle and stick it onto the box. Write your message.

* Do you have a tortoise at home with broken/cracked shell? Seal the crack with duct tape/scotch tape and leave it that way for few weeks to make the healing faster.

* These wonder tapes can also be used to repair the frayed ends of a shoe lace.

* You can even check the ripeness of your lemon. Cut a small triangular wedge out of your melon to check ripeness. If it is still not ripe, re-insert the wedge and tape it in.

* Have your spare battery ready. Tape spare battery behind the appliance so you are always ready to switch out batteries.

* Hold the end of plastic wrap roll in place. This also makes the edge of the plastic wrap roll easier to find.

* You can almost tape the entire couch with duct tape in case of torn surfaces! Don’t believe? Try it for yourself.

These are the clever uses of duct tape and scotch there any other way you use it?