AMAZING REASONS TO DRINK GINGER JUICE Ginger is available throughout the year in nearby stores and local market. Surprisingly besides adding flavors, we didn’t think to prize it with many different health benefits. According to the survey, ginger is among the world’s healthiest foods and it has been prized with innumerous amount of health benefits. From a medical patient to any healthy person, it has been widely used. Talking about the history of ginger, it was also used 5000 years ago. Ginger contains vitamin, magnesium, copper and all those basic nutrients which out body needs for proper functioning.

  1. Helps to fight Cancer

Gingerol is one of the active compounds in ginger, which helps to fight against the free radicals in the body. Nitric oxide is produced in the body because of Gingerol, which helps in fight with other free radicals which might lead to diseases like Cancer. Drinking once or twice ginger juice for the cancer patients is also beneficial.

  1. Treats anti inflammatory.

One of the most effective use of ginger is it acts like an anti inflammatory agents. It helps to treat any type of imflammation in the body and also reduces joint pains. A person drinking ginger juice will have fewer amounts of joint pains and inflammation.

  1. Reduces pain

You might know about this, ginger is a very effective remedy used in treating aches, back aches and even tooth aches. If you are suffering from high fever or cold, ginger juice can help to fight against such seasonal problems.

  1. Blood pressure

Drinking ginger juice with two drops of honey in the morning can help to thin the blood which in results in decreasing the blood pressure.

  1. Proper digestion

Ginger helps to speeds up the process of digestion of food in the intestine. It helps to breakdown the proteins improving digestion. It also helps in controlling the level of acidity and is a great agent to get proper digestion.

  1. Increases immunity

Ginger is a great agent which helps to boost up the immunity power of a person. It helps to produce special type of cells which helps to boost the immunity power in the body and also creats an unfavorable condition for bacterial and fungal injections to be prevailing there.

  1. Removes dirt

Eating lots and lots of ginger makes your body warm up, which results in heated blood. Due to it’s this quality, you may even sweat a lot. Sweating is very important for the person, as all the dirt and germs are removed out-of-body through the way of sweat. Sweat contains Dermidin which has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can act as a natural sanitizer protecting your body from infection.

Ginger Juice Recipe: Take some freshly cut ginger and grind them in the grinder. Add little cold water to it according to the consistency needed. Strain out the juice to get rid of lumps. Now, in some drops of honey to make it a bit tasty. Ginger juice is ready. Mix the juice with club soda or water.