When it comes to baking, we just cannot think beyond eggs. But trust me, eggless cakes, brownies, cookies and cupcakes can be equally appetizing. So, what are the vegan substitutes for eggs in baking? Read to know them all!

BEST SUBSTITUTES FOR EGGS IN BAKINGTake 1/2 of a ripe banana and mash with a fork to replace one egg. Make sure you don’t use an overripe banana as the taste can overpower your recipe. It will leave a hint of flavor and increase sweetness.

Best used for: Banana bread, fat-free cookies, breads, muffins, pancakes.

Chickpea Flour:

BEST SUBSTITUTES FOR EGGS IN BAKINGChickpea flour ( gram flour ) is high in protein and works both as a binder and leavener and is one of the best natural egg replacer. It can be used to make delicious quiches, omelets, and scrambles. Like soy flour it makes baked goods lighter and rise higher. 3 Tbsp of chickpea flour mixed with 3 tbsp of water = 1 egg.

Best used for: Works well in cakes, muffins, cookies and pancakes.

Silken Tofu:

If you want to break free from eggs, silken tofu is a blessing indeed. For every egg, ¼ cup of beaten silken tofu would be fine. Silken tofu imparts moisture as well as mass to those deliciously rich and dense cakes, cookies, breads and brownies. Puree tofu first to avoid chunks. Best to blend it up in a blender until completely smooth and creamy, leaving no graininess.

Flax seeds:


Grind flax seeds to prepare a powder. Mix a tablespoon of this flax powder with 3 tablespoon of water to replace one egg. Stir with a fork until mixture is thick, creamy and egg-like.

Best used for: The nutty flavor and grainy texture of flaxseed impart extra taste to those scrumptious pancakes, dense breads, oatmeal cookies, bran muffins and waffles that you make.


BEST SUBSTITUTES FOR EGGS IN BAKINGSubstitute the fluid in your recipe with yogurt. ¼ cup (4 tablespoons) Yogurt (vegan or regular). Blend with liquid or wet ingredients.

Best used for: This replacement works best for cookies and brownies

Apple Sauce:

BEST SUBSTITUTES FOR EGGS IN BAKINGMeasure out 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce to replace 1 egg in a recipe.

Best used for: breads, muffins, cakes, cupcakes.

Nut butter:

BEST SUBSTITUTES FOR EGGS IN BAKING3 Tablespoons of organic nut butter. The creamy texture of nut butter works great to bind in cookies, pancakes, and brownies. Just use 3 tablespoon nut butter to replace one egg. Make sure you are using a creamy, not chunky.

Chia Seeds:

BEST SUBSTITUTES FOR EGGS IN BAKINGChia work very similarly to flax seeds in replacement for eggs in baking as they bind together when mixed with water, forming a great egg substitute. Mix 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds in 1/3 cup of water. Stir and then let sit for 15 minutes, until it becomes gelatinous.

So, you need not worry if you cannot use eggs in your cakes and cookies for one reason or the other. You can always opt for these safe and efficient vegan alternatives to bake the best cake in the world!